We are a humanitarian aid organization whose purpose is to provide food and clothing without discrimination to the poor and needy with no cost to them.

Our Mission
To feed the body and soul of those in need through the love of G-d.
To the Jew first and to all humankind.

The Need
There has never been a time in history where the need to feed the hungry, care for the needy and to spread the love of G-d is as great as it is today.  The number of people in the world in need increases daily.
Click here to learn more about hunger in the USA.

Our Current Work
We currently provide food to food banks, including kosher food banks, hot meals through a soup kitchen and food/clothing/supplies to those in need through a pantry.  These efforts result in providing over 1000 meals per month to seniors, children, families and the homeless.

Our Vision
We are blessed and will continue to serve all those in need without cost or discrimination.  Our vision is to increase the number of people we reach in all areas where the need exists through a continued outreach to communities everywhere.


Please specify where you want your donation to go:
Food Bank, Community Supper, Food/Clothing Pantry or All

Thank you for your help!