Yad Ezra ~ The Helping Hand

We are a nonprofit humanitarian aid charity organization.  We help by providing food to all people in need without discrimination and without cost.  Yad Ezra ~ The Helping Hand provides food to kosher and non-kosher food banks as well as operating a soup kitchen and food/clothing pantry.  We and our 50 plus volunteers supply over 1000 meals per month.

"I and my son are very grateful for your help.  Your assistance with food is greatly appreciated.  So little for one, means so much for an other.  What you are doing means so much to me."  Elizabeth D.

The food banks we furnish food to are able to supply needed groceries to numerous families and individuals.  We supply both kosher and non-kosher food banks.  Staples like rice and pasta along with soup, cereal and vegetables are given, helping to stave off hunger for so many.

We host a Community Supper the third Sunday of each month where a hot meal is served to all those who can attend.  Also on Community Supper Day, we deliver hot meals to senior homes and shut-ins.

"Thank you a lot for bringing us food and bread to eat.  Thank you for the other food and things you give us.  It is nice of you to do that."  Helen from St. James Village

In addition to our food bank and soup kitchen work, Yad Ezra ~ The Helping Hand runs a food and clothing pantry.  We make food available to those who need it as well as delivering groceries to senior homes and homeless shelters.  Essentials foir the homeless like blankets and heating elements are also provided.  Yad Ezra ~ The Helping Hand also supplies those in need with winter clothing and personal care items as well as toys to children throughout the year.

"Thank you so much for the food you give.  It is good food."  Resident of St. James Place

Please specify where you want your donation to go:
Food Bank, Community Supper, Food/Clothing Pantry or All

Thank you for your help!